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If you are looking for a dry riser, need maintenance, servicing or testing or you just want to find out more then we can help. We are a team of specialists with many years of practical experience in the industry. We work on dry risers and closely associated projects full time. This quite simply enables us to be the best at what we do.

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What are Dry Risers?

A dry riser is a system of pipe work and valves that runs up through a building.  The system allows fire fighters to easily access water from each individual floor of the building. It consists of a vertical pipe with a water inlet on ground level located on an external wall and outlets known as landing valves, which are usually located in a dry riser cabinet on each floor.  The dry risers are usually located in the fire fighting shaft.

The video below ‘What Are Dry Risers and Where Are They Used?’ from Leicester Fire and Rescue Service briefly demonstrates the use of a dry riser (Video transcript).

When are Dry Risers Necessary?

Dry Risers are an essential part of any building design where the height of the building exceeds 18 metres from the fire brigade access level to the top floor.  They are also required where there are floors more than 10 metres below ground.  The question is why are they so essential, and for that matter, why have they found their way into the jurisdiction of Building Regulations?

Put simply, the answer to both these questions are very straight forward – Dry Risers can and do save lives and as such needs stringent regulation.

How do Dry Risers Work?

The fire fighters fill the pipe with pressurised water by connecting the fire engine hose to the inlet on the ground floor.  They can then connect hoses directly to the lifesaving water supply on the floor nearest to the fire using the outlet valves connected to the dry riser.
Connecting the hoses in this way is a much quicker system for the fire fighters. The hoses they use to connect on each floor are shorter and therefore lighter and there is no requirement to run long heavier hoses up through the whole of the building.  Using Dry Risers saves time and ultimately saves lives.

Dry Riser Regulations and Legal Requirements

To ensure its effectiveness and legal compliance, your system needs to be designed, installed and regularly tested to meet British Standards namely BS9990:2015, BS9991, BS9999 and Approved Document B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations (England & Wales).

If there is ever a fire, the person responsible for the building i.e. the property owner, landlord or facilities manager, will need to show that the dry riser system has been tested and that there is a valid certificate of compliance in place.

BS9990 recommends that a dry riser has a visual test every 6 months and it is a legal requirement that dry risers are tested annually.

Using a specialist company for the design, installation and testing of dry riser system is essential. Dry Risers Direct can help.

How We Can Help

We offer a comprehensive design, install, testing, maintenance and commissioning service which meets all the legal requirements. You will have peace of mind that your dry riser system is in safe hands.  Please call 0800 689 4034 or email site drawings in PDF form to and you will receive a quote within 24 hours.

Dry Risers Direct support the fire fighters charityDry Risers Direct are proud sponsers of the fire fighters charity. Read more about the charity by clicking on the link.


Dry Riser Installation

Dry Riser Installation

If you need a dry riser installation, please contact us by phone or email. We will be delighted to arrange...
Dry Riser Servicing

Dry Riser Servicing

We offer a comprehensive dry riser service for testing, routine maintenance and repairs. Where ever possible we aim to carry out any unscheduled repairs at the same time as the routine maintenance and testing on all dry risers to ensure an efficient, cost effective service and minimise disruption.

Dry Riser Case Study

Dry Riser installation, Luton Airport

Date: July 2018Client: Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Luton Airport

Two dry risers with a total of 22 outlet valves were fitted with around 20 meters of High level feed. One riser with Brushed stainless steel doors and the second left exposed.


Dry Riser installation Luton Airport Hotel

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We have two Dry Risers in Anglesey, both of which had been neglected for a long period of time. Initially I was informed that both Dry Risers were in need of fairly major repair work. I contacted Dry Risers Direct and they responded in a professional, helpful manner, without fuss or delay. They completed an initial survey of both Dry Risers and proposed alternate options which would avoid unnecessary expense, extensive repair work, extensive building work and would be completed in time to satisfy the Fire Service. To my and the Directors delight they fulfilled all their promises and today we have two fully functional, air tight and Certified Dry Risers.

John Batson, Property ManagerGlyn Garth Court

"Thank you for carrying out your installation today, your installers were great and everything was completed quickly and left tidy."

Dean DurrantLG Building Poole Ltd

To whom it may concern, I have been asked to give a reference for Dry Risers Direct. I would have no hesitation in using again or recommending this company. The were punctual, clean, tidy and pragmatic. There were several challenging issues within our existing building that some other companies were daunted by. Adrian and his team displayed a wealth of experience to accomplish our project and meet stringent building control regulations. I look forward to working with Dry Risers Direct on our next project.

Colin Gorman, Managing DirectorCullion Developments


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