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Terms and Conditions



1.      The “Company” means DRY RISERS DIRECT LTD which is Registered in the UK (Reg. No 09821928) whose registered address 16 Davehall Avenue, Wilmslow, SK95NE. Trading Address U2&3 Millbank House, Bollin Way, Riverside Business Park, Wilmslow SK91BJ.

2.      The “Contract” means the agreement between the company and the purchaser listed under “Conditions of purchase.”

3.      The “Products” means any products or materials specified to be supplied by the company.

4.      The “Property” means the purchasers property at which the place of work is to be carried out.

5.      The “Purchaser” means the person(s) who have contracted work from the company.

6.      The “Work” means any installation/building services supplied by the company.

7.      It is the intention of the company that all terms of the contract are contained in this document and in the specification provided to the purchaser.

8.      If the purchaser does not agree to any of these terms and conditions, then the purchaser may cancel the contract without penalty within 7 days of the date of the contract.

9.      The contract is between the company and the purchaser.  There shall be no separate agreement between the purchaser and the company’s representative in regard to the products of work.



10.    The purchaser will give the company access to the property at all reasonable times for all purposes connected with the contract (including surveying, measuring, inspecting, installing and servicing of the works).

11.    The purchaser will ensure there is mains electricity and water supply available for use by the company at the property.

12.    The purchaser shall be responsible for insuring the products on delivery to the property.

13.    If the company agrees to supply and fit to the purchasers own design, the purchaser shall be responsible for the accuracy of any design, specification, drawings or other documents setting out the works submitted conform with planning, building regulations and other statutory rights.



14.    The company does all it reasonably can to ensure the price quoted by its agent at the time of the contract is correct.  It is recognised that the installation is a made to measure design.  The company will arrange for an engineer/surveyor to visit the property within a stated time of the date of contract for the purposes of surveying the property. If following the survey, it becomes apparent that the work has been under/over-priced for a technical reason beyond the reasonable expectation of the agent, then the company will inform the purchaser within 7 days of the date of the survey and both parties will attempt to agree a revised price for the work.

15.    If the purchaser knowingly withholds or conceals from the company or its engineers any matter which may affect the price of the work and which could not reasonably have been foreseen by the company or discovered by a survey of the property, then the company may without limiting any other rights it may have on discovering any such matter be entitled to cancel the uncompleted work covered by the contract and the purchaser shall pay the company for all work done and products supplied.



16.    Where the contract has been negotiated away from the business premises, should the purchaser be unhappy with the contract for any reason it can be cancelled and a refund of any deposit paid can be obtained by giving notice in writing addressed to the company at 16 Davehall Ave, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5NE within 7 days on which the contract was signed.  Deposits paid may not be returnable in full after this period.  In the interest of certainty, the company recommends that the purchaser sends any cancellation by recorded delivery.

17.    Where the purchaser enters into a contract subject to obtaining a loan from a building society or other lender the company will arrange for a survey to be carried out in accordance with point 16, but will not order products on behalf of the purchaser until receipt of a copy of the written acceptance of the loan application by the lender.  If the loan application is refused then the purchaser may cancel the contract within 10 days of the date of refusal and any deposit paid will be refunded in full.


18.    The company hereby guarantees in relation to installation and work for a period of one year.  This guarantee is given in addition to the purchaser’s other legal rights.

19.    The guarantee runs from the date on which the work is completed and certified.  No claims can be made on the guarantee until the contract price is paid in full.

20.    If the purchaser makes a claim under the guarantee for a fault that is the result of the purchaser failing to follow any maintenance instructions then the company shall be entitled to charge the purchaser for the call out and for all work undertaken and for materials supplied at its then current rates and prices.

21.    After the guarantee has expired we recommend an annual service and inspection to maintain the system to the British Standard. Component failures outside the one year period will be charged at supplied current rates and prices.




Whilst the greatest of care is taken in installing the products, in most cases it is inevitable that some minor damage to internal décor will occur. The company cannot be held responsible for this, except where it could have been avoided by exercising a reasonable level of care.


22.    The Purchaser shall pay any deposit notified in the contract and return the contract to the company.  Payment of any balance of the contract price is due on satisfactory completion of the part of the work notified on the contract.  If a contract provides for installed payments such payments shall be made within the time stipulated within the contract.

Unless otherwise advised in writing, the terms of payment are: a deposit of  30% of the full contract amount becoming due on initial instruction. The remaining contract value becoming due after installation and commissioning of the system.

The company may vary the price as a result of factors beyond its control by giving notice in writing to the  purchaser.

23.    If payment is not made within 30 days from the date of invoice, the company shall be entitled, without limiting any other rights it may have, to charge interest on the outstanding amount (both before and after any judgement) at 2 % above the base rate of Barclays Bank PLC from the date on which the work is completed until the outstanding amount is paid in full.

24.    The products shall remain the property of the company until the contract price is paid in full and where the company offers a design service the drawings shall remain the property of the company until the contract price is paid in full.

25.    The customer will be charged full costs of recovering monies due.

26.    These terms and conditions form part of the contract.

27.    Retention of monies should not apply to specialist works, quality of work shall be covered by way of a warranty.

28.    A commissioning certificate will be released following the receipt of final payment.


29.    We strive to provide our customers with best value. To do this it is important to make prompt payment of your invoices. If your payment is not received by the invoice due date you will be contacted by telephone & a written statement, a written reminder notice, stop list where applicable, letter before action*, debt recovery**. Telephone chasing will continue throughout the recovery process.

30.    We understand and will exercise our statutory right to add interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, if we are not paid according to the agreed credit terms. Interest will be added 7 days after issue of the final written reminder and presented to the court for debt recovery.

33. *Admin fees of £50 will be added to the account. ** Court fees will be added to your account.

34.    If the delay is caused by a problem of our own making, please contact us and we will resolve it quickly.

Credit Control is conducted without prejudice or exception.



35.  As a professional and reputable Specialist Contractor, we are committed to delivering work to a high standard in accordance with your specification. We support the Fair Payment Campaign launched by the National Specialist Contractors’ Council (NSCC), and, in accordance with the NSCC No Retention Policy. We no longer accept retention on our works.



36. Product development by the company is continuous and the purchaser shall have the benefit of any changes the company makes to the design/specification of any product supplied.


37. The company shall not in any circumstances be liable for any delay in the completion of the work which arise from causes beyond  reasonable control of the company.


38.  Occasionally we will select at random a customer/client to complete a quality control questionnaire in order to help us to monitor and  improve our services, productivity and aftercare.  We thank you for your time in completing this document and invite any and all  comments of conduct, professionalism, appearance and manner, to be reported to the company. We welcome constructive and positive  feedback as we rely on our customers loyalty.

Thank you

Dry Risers Direct Limited,

Units 2 & 3 Millbank House,
Riverside Business Park,

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