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Dry Riser Testing & Servicing frequency

14 - 03 - 2024

Dry Riser Testing & Servicing Frequency

Servicing Requirements for Dry Risers

Dry risers sit unused for years but it is vital that they are fully working and accessible when required. For this reason regular testing and maintenance of dry risers is required by law.

How often should dry risers be inspected?


Dry Riser Maintenance & Inspection Frequency:

  • Dry risers are required to have a 6 monthly visual check,
  • Every 12 months a water test should be carried out to 12 bar for 15 minutes.

This is a legal requirement dictated by BS9990:2015 which is the British Standard that details requirements for dry riser testing and maintenance in the UK.

The 6 monthly visual check is primarily an anti theft or anti vandalism check. This should be carried out by a competent person with the records stored in a safe place, should they be required by the local authorities.

The annual water test or pressure test should be carried out to 12 bar for 15 minutes. A professional company with the correct equipment, processes and H&S records should be utilised. This test ensures that there are no leeks in the system and that it is fit for use.

Who is responsible for dry riser maintenance?

The person responsible for the building i.e. the property owner, landlord or facilities manager, is responsible for maintaining the dry riser. The inspection, testing and maintenance should be carried out by a competent person. On completion a Certificate of Compliance should be provided. In the event of a fire that person will need to show that the system has been properly tested and that there is a valid certificate of compliance in place.

Dry Riser testing frequency and dry riser maintenance requirements: Dry Risers Direct know the answer and are here to help.

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