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What Are Dry Risers and Where Are They Used?

What Are Dry Risers and Where Are They Used?

Video Transcript

Ever noticed one of these on the side of a building? They are called dry risers Рa series of vertical empty pipes. Firefighters use them to quickly get water inside buildings over 18m high.

“Firefighters will arrive at a dry riser when there is a fire in the upper floors. They will open up the door and they’ll use their fire hose and connect straight to the inlet. They will then fill the hose full of water under high pressure and push the water up to the upper floors of the building. This is the outlet for the dry riser and this is what firefighters use to connect their hose in upper floors in high-rise buildings, before carrying out firefighting. So its important not to block access to dry risers as delays can cost lives.”

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