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Fire Sprinklers

16 - 05 - 2020

Some facts about fire sprinklers

Some facts about fire sprinklers

Here are some facts that we think anyone considering a fire sprinkler should consider:

  • Since 1945 no one in the UK has ever died as a result of a fire in a building where there is a sprinkler system installed and operational.
  • Only the sprinkler heads in the immediate vicinity of the fire actually operate. Most fires in residential properties are extinguished with no more than two heads operating.
  • Sprinklers do not false alarm they will only operate if there is an actual fire.
  • Fire sprinklers in buildings protect fire fighters.
  • For a small cost an auto dialler can be built in to the system to call a remote monitoring station should the sprinklers operate.
  • Maintenance costs for sprinklers are very low.
  • Sprinklers save lives and property and are the only devices which can detect a fire, sound the alarm, call the fire brigade and extinguish or control a fire.
  • Despite preconceptions, sprinklers are not difficult or expensive to install.
  • Sprinkler systems installed in full compliance with third party certification standards may attract insurance premium discounts.

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