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17 - 02 - 2019

Fire Sprinkler servicing undertaken by Dry Risers Direct Ltd

Fire Sprinkler servicing undertaken by Dry Risers Direct Ltd

In addition to servicing Dry Risers, Dry Risers Direct Ltd now carry out Residential and Domestic Fire Sprinkler servicing to BS9251:2014. During the test the following areas are inspected – as a minimum;

  • All heads and cover plates are clear from obstruction and decorative materials.
  • There are no signs of leaks or corrosion.
  • The water supplies function as designed. System pressures and flows.
  • The system is linked to an alarm system that operates when a flow test is conducted.
  • Nothing has changed to effect coverage of the sprinkler heads.
  • The system is secured open and clearly labelled.
  • Pump and Tank are inspected.


Fire sprinkler flow test

Fire sprinkler flow test

There is a legal requirement for property Owners/Managers to have their Fire Sprinklers tested annually and have a proof of test when requested by the relevant authorities.

This is a natural addition to the services Dry Risers Direct Ltd offer claimed Director, Adrian Pritchard. We have a vast amount of Sprinkler experience within the company and the group, and as we have vehicles with trained staff in every corner of the UK, we can turn around enquiry to service delivery in a very timely manner.


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