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dry riser thefts

05 - 10 - 2022

Dry Riser Thefts

Dry Riser Thefts

With the cost of living crisis starting to take effect, we are unfortunately starting to see an increase in Dry Riser thefts. As you can understand, this can have huge consequences not realised by the thieves. A critical fire fighting piece of equipment that has been left in a vandalised state WILL put lives at risk.

Ultimately, if someone is determined enough to steal dry riser components, they will. But, we can make life more difficult which hopefully means the would be thieves will focus their ill gotten gains elsewhere. 

If you are the unfortunate victim of Dry riser theft, Dry Risers Direct Ltd can offer both visual and physical deterrents.

Once informed of a theft, we prioritise the call and RED FLAG as ‘A1’ on our service management system . We inform the local Fire service as soon as possible of a non-working piece of fire fighting equipment and inform them when the system is brought back on line. We hold extensive local stocks with 6 service and 3 installation vans capable of rerouting to ensure the fire safety of your building is brought back in line as soon as possible.

The British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) are aware of these thefts and have informed all members to be aware and record vehicle number plates and carry out ID checks on all dry riser valves arriving at their sites.

Once our Engineers are on site they will assess what is required, replace from van stock or our depot, fit, retest to 12 Bar and recertify. Once signed off, we contact the local fire service to inform them of the rectification of the system. All this often happens within one working day.

A few of our options available and definitely worth coinsidering are;

Dry Riser Anti-vandal Landing valve cover  



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