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Dry Riser Anti-vandal Landing valve cover

£39.45 Ex. VAT

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Dry Riser Anti-vandal Landing valve cover

Anti-vandal cover for Dry riser landing valves. The purpose of the cover is to protect the valve from unwanted tampering,

  1. Complete valve tamper protection
  2. Universal cover dimensions
  3. Ease of installation
  4. Unique hinge design encapsulating entire valve unit
  5. Padlock fixing point designed for FB1 Fire Brigade lever padlock
  6. UK manufactured / Fast delivery

The cover is hinged with a fixing point for an FB1 Fire Brigade lever padlock, making it easy to install and remove by authorised personnel, either for maintenance or annual inspection purposes or in an emergency when lives could depend on it.

If a faulty valve should start to leak water, the dry riser outlet cover design allows for water to escape via the hinge mechanism. Therefore, visible leak detection will still be possible for dry riser system maintenance personnel.

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Ison Moulding Ltd

Dry Risers Direct Limited,

Units 2 & 3 Millbank House,
Riverside Business Park,

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