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25 - 01 - 2021

Wet Rising Mains Testing to BS9990:2015

Wet Rising Mains Testing to BS9990:2015

In light of recent events it is now even more imperative for Property Managers / Owners to abide by the latest fire safety regulations. Dry/Wet risers provide a key fire fighting system for use by the fire services in the event of a fire. In short, they provide charged water at all levels of a building through a network of Pipes and Valves. This allows a fire fighter to access a strong supply of water in local proximity to the fire, no matter what level it is on.

Typical criteria to be tested are;

  • Flow rate of water exiting the valves.
  • Pressure of water exiting the valves.
  • Condition of the system.
  • Water supply
  • Signage
  • Access

The video within this post shows a Flow test using the latest technology Flowpod 3000.

Wet Riser sign

Wet Riser sign

What is a Wet riser?

Wet Rising Mains Testing to BS9990:2015

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