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Dry Riser Service & Repair Work in Anglesey

Date: March 2016Client: Glyn Garth Court

The Brief

We were contacted by the Property Manager of a 9 Floor block of luxury flats in Anglesey which were constructed in 1964. They had two Dry Risers, one in the East Wing and one in the West wing, both of which had been neglected for a long period of time, and both of which had recently failed the Regulatory pressure tests. The Fire Service were insisting that the Dry Risers had to be certified as operational within a fairly short period of time.

Initially they were informed that both Dry Risers were in need of fairly major repair work which would have cost a lot of money, would have caused a lot of disruption during the repair work, would have needed a lot of building work to enable access for the repair work, and would have taken up time all of which they could ill afford.

What We Did

As soon as they contacted Dry Risers Direct and informed us of the situation they found themselves in, we responded in a professional, diligent, helpful manner, without fuss or delay. We completed an initial survey of both Dry Risers and proposed alternate options which would avoid unnecessary expense, extensive repair work, extensive building work and would be completed in time to satisfy the Fire Service. To my and the Directors delight they fulfilled all their promises and today we have two fully functional, air tight and Certified Dry Risers.


To their delight, we fulfilled all their promises and today they have two fully functional, air tight and Certified Dry Risers.

Dry Risers Direct Limited,

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