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Wet Riser

Wet Risers

Wet Riser Systems are installed in buildings for fire fighting reasons

Wet Risers are left charged with pressurised water from an in-house pump and in addition capable of being charged with water by pumping from Fire Appliance.

  • A Wet Riser System is installed with a Landing Valve at pre-specified locations on each floor
  • Typically, a Wet Riser is installed up to and over 50m. The system will be designed to provide high pressure flow at the upper floors.
  • A test riser is installed in parallel to the wet riser to allow the evacuation of water from the Wet Riser for flow test purposes.
  • PRVs are installed at every floor to ensure the required optimum pressure is delivered in the event of an emergency

Dry Risers Direct will work with you to supply and install the pipework connecting to the pump ready for commissioning.

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